Social Media Emergency Management Guidance Tool

Social Media Emergency Management Guidance Tool - Beta Phase
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Developing a Social Media Plan

The following prompts are intended for organizations seeking to develop an effective Social Media Plan. In this context, a Social Media Plan acts as a comprehensive roadmap for the initiation, sustainment, or enhancement of social media in support of emergency management and public information operations. This application builds upon the Building a Social Media Business Case application, which helps users implement a new social media emergency management (SMEM) program or improve an existing program through enhanced planning. Users that are considering implementing a SMEM program for the first time should start there.

Prior to creating a comprehensive Social Media Plan, communicate how a Social Media Plan will support the agency's overall mission and strategy to key decision makers and consider:

  • In what ways do you need your leadership to support Social Media Plan development and implementation (e.g. time, financial resources, advocacy)?
  • What is your leadership’s level of familiarity with social media (e.g. frequent user or novice)?
  • What is your leadership’s estimated level of involvement in agency SMEM operations to date (e.g. high or low)?
  • How will leadership’s level of involvement affect their understanding of agency SMEM operational decision making?
  • What risks or fears do your agency’s leadership express about using social media?
  • How will a new or updated Social Media Plan address those risks or fears?

For more information on strategies to obtain and sustain leadership buy-in, refer to the accompanying Social Media Plan Guide.

There are five steps to completing your Social Media Plan. Users must click Save at the bottom of each page to prevent loss of work. Clicking through the steps in the navigation bar does not save work.

  • Step 1: Plan and Prepare
  • Step 2: Develop the Social Media Content Strategy
  • Step 3: Develop Account Management Procedures
  • Step 4: Develop Social Media Use Policies and Guidelines
  • Step 5: Implement Social Media Plan

Building a Social Media Plan will take approximately one hour. Responses will be saved for 14 days. After 14 days, data will no longer be stored for security purposes.


Facebook is a free social networking website that enables two-way interactions with citizens through text, photo, and video posts. Facebook provides a variety of tools that make public information sharing easier, such as Facebook Live and Facebook Business Manager. Facebook is commonly used as a “landing page” for frequently asked questions and other useful information.