Social Media Emergency Management Guidance Tool

Social Media Emergency Management Guidance Tool - Beta Phase
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Building a Social Media Business Case

The following prompts are intended for organizations that are considering implementing a social media emergency management (SMEM) program or need assistance achieving buy-in from key leadership. Before you begin, consider gathering the necessary information to ensure your Business Case is as complete as possible. This information may include:

  • Agency strategy or related strategies (e.g., Emergency Public Information Plan, Incident Action Plans (IAPs), Crisis Communication Plan)
  • Agency policies (e.g., legal counsel, security guidelines, records retention)
  • Relevant local and state laws
  • Regional agency social media plans and best practices

There are four steps to completing your Social Media Business Case. Users must click Save at the bottom of each page to prevent loss of work. Clicking through the steps in the navigation bar does not save work.

  • Step 1: Plan and Prepare
  • Step 2: Develop a Business Case Proposal
  • Step 3: Determine Resources
  • Step 4: Present to Leadership

Building a Social Media Business Case will take approximately 30 minutes. Responses will be saved for 14 days. After 14 days, data will no longer be stored for security purposes.


Facebook is a free social networking website that enables two-way interactions with citizens through text, photo, and video posts. Facebook provides a variety of tools that make public information sharing easier, such as Facebook Live and Facebook Business Manager. Facebook is commonly used as a “landing page” for frequently asked questions and other useful information.